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Sting - Over Sting - Over

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I believe Bill means...

The little computer arpeggio starting at 44 secs with the echo on it. And I agree, it's a bit too low in tone for this track, really muddies up the low mids. But the idea was good for a change of pace in that section, maybe try to find a sound with a bit less low and bit more high that floats through the high mids instead. Good track overall though.


Blasphem-E responds:

Holy shit, I haven't heard from you in a minute. I'll have a listen to it later when I get home.

EDIT: I see now what you are talking about. Not sure how I missed it in Bill's review.

{l} Reality Check {l} Reality Check

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Remember kids...

He could be poppin' his hole right now.

Good track, far better lyricism and recording quality than the competition...if you can call him that. Funny shit how he's so secretive about his whereabouts, his face, his everything but he cries himself into a blind rage when someone tells him he won't find them. In fact, isn't their a video of him extolling the virtues of being transparent and giving out your address and how Spawn was such a weakling for not doing the aforementioned? Too bad he is now saying "You're not gonna find me".

And again, he could be poppin' his hole right now.


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linez responds:

thanks for the review...lmao thats how fucking fake that n***a lej you whats funny old man that n***a almost ya same age.lmao...stay up

Maddness Maddness

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Cage much?

Heard the NGHH Comp track vs. Vasheli and that was my first thought: "Dude's got that Palumbo pacing and style." Good job across the board, I need to listen to more of the NGHH stuff when I have time because some of these new names are serious. Keep it up.


NGHH KO1 - linez vs Jirohbomb NGHH KO1 - linez vs Jirohbomb

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Linezo for sure

His style, delivery, punches, everything were on-point for the track.

Linez: No real issue anywhere in this, except the first verse was filled with the same "Everyone on NG is a nerd" breakdowns, which is funny since you're on NG and in an NG competition. I understand, you're battling and knockin' on what you assume are Jiroh's "weaknesses", but that's the played out, overdone verse materail I would expect from someone with less experience. The second verse was on-point again in delivery and flow, but there was the "15 years old and still in ya mama's house". Great punch with the "Joey" line, but really knockin' on a cat because he ain't got his own apt. at 15 is just stupid.

Jiroh: Flow is good, delivery at times seems mechanical and "read from the paper". This was a good track from you and you hit on some points that were good for you, but Linez is experienced and against him you were really outmatched. I give you a year, maybe two, and you'll be there, but right now, he won it. Keep working on the delivery and recording to break out and get a bit more emotion in your spit.

Linez for the win.

NGHH KO1 - Wyze vs Murdaa NGHH KO1 - Wyze vs Murdaa

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This is a battle...

Not a competition about who spent more time with doubles and adlibs.

Murdaa: Your words were too fast throughout this piece. Alot of your words were lost in the slurs. I understand you didn't respect this battle enough to care, but that shows that you don't deserve the win. Every battle is worth the time if you _accept_ it, which you did when you entered. On top of that, the 4 bars before the final 2 bar section were so slurred it was unintelligible.

Wyze: You brought punches to the battle, but your delivery and flow are off still because it does sound many times like you are reading the verse rather than feeling the verse. The last 8 bars, though, were so much better delivered and planned out. That's where you made up alot of ground in my eyes against Murdaa because you hit him in the spots I just described he was weak in, like a real battle artist would.

I give the win by a slim margin to Wyze for knocking on actual points his opponent is weak at, while Murdaa pulled out the usual suspects, so to speak, of leaving someone in the alley and mumbling alot of his lines because he was trying to move too fast for his own delivery.

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Wyze ft IS, IF - Boom Wyze ft IS, IF - Boom

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Turn down the chorus adlibs

They are a little too loud. Maybe double record, pan hard right, hard left with a bit of reverb and lower volume to push them back in the mix. Otherwise, good re-mix from what I heard of this way back. Great flow, great pacing, timing and delivery. This was a great track from the three of you.


Blasphem-E responds:

Definitely will be doing that in the next couple of days. Thanks dude

Needle Says Go (Touch the sky) Needle Says Go (Touch the sky)

Rated 2 / 5 stars

The whole first verse was Lupe

How hard is it to comprehend that after so many people mention it? The only sample from Kanye was the "hook", if you could call it that.

As for your spit, you're still off-beat with 3/4 of your verse. You finally got on-beat at "...Better than you do". You need to work on delivery and flow, just like you needed to in '07. Nothing has really changed in 3 years.

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Broken-Needle responds:

word... wtf that is lupe... dno wtf then and as for delivery def on this song(and the disses) I aint step up but otherwise I got ma shit down=P

WS - What's Beef WS - What's Beef

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Someone g-g-g-g-got mad at this track

Shhhh...he's still hiding in his mom's apartment crying over lost love.

Good track, I was wondering what you would do with this instrumental. Good lo-fi, like Billy said. My only problem was the volume levels of the vocals was a tiny bit too hot through the verses. Otherwise, good quality across the board.

PS: I swear, I'm working on "Storms", really. I'm trying to make sure it's perfection before releasing it and it's going into the MNSP Spring mixtape as a Bonus track.

Smoking Hooka Smoking Hooka

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Love it

My only complaint was that the kick was too weak. I downloaded it, layered in two 808 samples and wrote a 16 to it, recorded and mixed it down and today I uploaded it. Really, great track with the one exception, you need to put up more so we can hear the other side of the Wyze/Darwin experience a bit more.


[Kiss Our Asses] [Kiss Our Asses]

Rated 5 / 5 stars

The chant sets it off

Very good track, well mixed and the EQ makes every instrument easy to pick out of the lineup. Good luck in your endeavors on and for NG. As for not releasing much material on NG, I've watched the AP be relegated to foster child in a family of 3 kids (Flash, Art, and Audio).

We have been told for over 5 years now that there would be an update to our portal and not a single thing has changed in that time except a broken revenue sharing program. We can't even recoup stolen ad revenue from games featuring our music for Commercial purposes, which I've said time and again negates the CC license and SHOULD force any flash author to negotiate a contract for payment or purchase of a track when used in commerically released flash. And no matter how many pm's are written, how many topics are typed, how many news pages are tossed out or how many different admins and moderators are spoken with, the party line is "We're working on it, really, we are". We've heard that for years. So, why should I waste anymore time really trying to support a system that isn't supporting me? I make actual money from placements, contracts, recording, tracking and mixing offline. My time is much better spent where I am supported than where I am giving my time away for free. Which is why the only real time I spend on here now is free time, and I spend it writing reviews which I hope help artists, writing replies to topics in the forum which help artists, or giving artists information when I'm asked a question about the technical aspects of mixing, pre-mastering, recording, tracking, or other aspects of production.

Good luck and I hope ya'll can help fix the broken AP, but don't spend too much of your own time and breath trying to fix something that is largely ignored by the powers-that-be.

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DJ-Delinquent responds:

The audio portal is definetly broken and its been this way for 5 years

this is no longer negotiation to fix it

its now war

even The art portal (the youngest of the 3) is seeing more limelight then the AP.

the common excuse is "people dont come to NG to listen to music"

then why even have an AP in the first place?