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Entry #1


2011-04-02 12:27:11 by InGenius

Jokes. NG's only real product. Jokes.


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2011-04-14 06:43:47

Lol you serious Red? How much of a cut do you get from the Fulp's for this NG Hip Hop competition shit? I respect that you're putting in work, but yo, shopping this shit round everywhere... I dunno man. A little wack. This is Hip Hop, lets not get it confused with Pop music.


2011-04-17 17:39:45

I feel like this should read "jokes and penises". There seem to be a lot of penises on this site.


2011-04-25 23:11:26

InGenius. Come back to Skype or somethin' man. Nobody's heard from you in a minute.

InGenius responds:

I work 7 days a week right now, 10 hours a day soon going to 12-14 hrs. Any time I have outside of work I put in right here in the studio. I just don't have much time anymore for anything else.


2011-05-18 16:26:44

dude its sucks ass that you anit been on in forever! dude if you ever get a breather Hit me up some time. I want to know how every thing is going man!